What Happened To Putlocker?

It has now been well over a few months since we last reported on the official Putlocker and the wide range of difficulties the site was facing.

At the beginning of April, popular streaming website Putlocker starting acting unusual and switched through a number of domains in under a week, leaving their millions of daily visitors somewhat confused. Making matters worse, whoever currently has control of the site stopped adding new content, and started redirecting users to scam videos that are phishing for private information.

While it is no secret that sites like Putlocker face heavy pressure from governments and copyright holders to shut down, it hasn’t been revealed if that is what caused the site’s current status. Although they have not been confirmed, rumours circulating a few months back suggest the original operator of the site may have given up.

As of today nothing has changed. The site has had no videos added for months and continues to direct users to content that puts their critical information at risk.

To ensure you stay protected, we recommend avoiding Putlocker altogether as your private information is at risk.

Its also important to watch out for clone sites like Putlocker9, who claim they are the official site. Putlocker9 and their twitter account @Putlocker_9, have absolutely nothing to do with the original Putlocker website or team.

EverydayElectronics will release an update as soon as more information becomes available.

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