Overplay Announces Fight for Online Freedom SALE!

Our friends at Overplay have just announced they are having a Fight for Online Freedom sale that offers HUGE savings for new subscribers!

Did you know the FCC wants to completely get rid of net neutrality and give big cable companies control over what U.S citizens see and do online? If this were to happen it would allow internet providers to control the internet and do things like:

  • Create slow and fast lanes.
  • Block certain websites.
  • Charge premiums in order to access specific content or services.
  • Slow down or prevent access to high bandwidth websites such as Netflix, Youtube, and Facebook.
  • And much more!

To help raise awareness many large tech companies including Netflix, Amazon, and more, will join together on July 12th to raise awareness about the FCC’s current threat to net neutrality. To do their part, Overplay has announced they are giving 50% off all plans for one week!

From July 10th until July 17th 2017, OverPlay is offering all new users 50% off of any plan for the first month! To take advantage of this unique offer simply visit Overplay and choose your plan. Upon checking out use promo code “FIGHT” to apply your savings, it couldn’t be any easier.

Overplay offers VPN & SmartDNS technology that allows you to access a truly unrestricted internet. If you are in a country that blocks access to certain websites, Overplay’s variety of VPN features enable you to access any website on the worldwide web with ease. With 400+ servers in over 40 country’s, Overplay offers a military-grade encrypted connection that ensures you have the highest level protection – with the most options.

That really is just the beginning however, as Overplay offers a 5 day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied, unlimited access to US Netflix, a quick and easy setup, and much more.

Sign up for the service today or find additional benefits to a subscription here.

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