GoMovies Updates Domain To GoStream.is!

The team who currently operates popular streaming site GoMovies, previously known as 123Movies, has updated their domain once again.

In addition to switching domains, the site has also changed the look of their easy to use homepage. When visiting GoMovies users are now directed to a basic search box, instead of a page filled with the latest movies and TV-shows.

The site’s operators are staying relatively quiet on the situation, but they did confirm however that GoMovies official domain has been updated to GoStream.is.

When investigated by TorrentFreak a likely explanation for the homepage change emerged. Last week GoMovies homepage was removed from Google following a DMCA takedown notice from Warner Brothers. To avoid losing any additional traffic to fake clone sites, the operators removed all infringing links from their homepage.

While GoMovies now features a new domain name and updated homepage, things should look familiar as the rest of the site is pretty well the same. Any users who prefer the old interface can still access it through multiple ways on the site.

The old 123movies and GoMovies domain names are now linking to the new GoStream one. This is to ensure users are still able to find the site for the time being.

EverydayElectronics is keeping a close eye on the situation and will release any developments as they come in.

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