EverydayElectronics Switches Domain To EverydayElectronics.com

After years of operating from our EverydayElectronics.co domain, the team at our site has decided to switch to a new home!

Starting today Everyday Electronics official domain has been updated to EverydayElectronics.com. Upon visiting EverydayElectronics.co, or any of our other domains, users will now automatically be forwarded to EverydayElectronics.com.

The reason for the switch is actually quite simple. Everyday Electronics has been trying to acquire our .com domain since we launched in 2015. When the chance came up to purchase it this past week, we took advantage. Since .com domains are most recognized to users around the world, we have decided to update our domain to reach a wider audience.

Although our official domain has been updated, things will look familiar as the rest of the site is the same. Looking for the latest articles from Everyday Electronics? Visit our Netflix In The News page or check out our homepage here.

Important: Please disregard any error messages from your browser saying your connection is not private while visiting Everyday Electronics. Until our site completely caches to our new domain and updates our SSL certificate, you may see an image similar to the one pictured below.

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