Game Of Thrones S07E04 Leaks Online!

All eyes are once again on HBO after hackers leaked the latest episode of their widely popular show Game Of Thrones.

Earlier today Game of Thrones S07E04 starting making it’s rounds on popular file-sharing and streaming websites like Watch-Series and The Pirate Bay. While HBO has been doing their best to combat the piracy of Game of Thrones, this week has proved to be challenging.

Two days ago HBO was targeted and hackers released over 1TB of data that included sensitive information such as scripts for this weeks episode of GOT.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, a complete copy of this weeks unreleased episode has leaked online, leaving many wondering if this had to do with the initial hack.

While it is a coincidence the two leaks happened days apart, at the current moment things are looking unrelated as the leaked episode appears to be an internal release.

Upon further investigation it was noticed that the video is tagged with “For Internal Viewing Only” as well as the well known “Star India Pvt Ltd” watermark.

Star India is a large media company owned by 21st Century Fox, which helps to distribute Game Of Thrones for HBO. 

EverydayElectronics is keeping a close eye on the situation and will release any updates as they come in. Will you be waiting to watch Game Of Thrones until this Sunday? What are your thoughts on the situation? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

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