Scam Targeting BMO Customers!

EverydayElectronics wants to warn users of another phishing scam that is currently going around, this time targeting Bank of Montreal customers.

If you have recently received a text message from BMO saying you need to reconfirm your personal verification question, please note that this is a scam. Our team can confirm that multiple users have reported the scam starts with receiving a very legit looking text message that appears to be from

“BM0 is updating the Mobile Banking App Website. Reconfirm your Personal Verification Question: (Malicious Link)

BM0 Mobile Team.”

Upon clicking the link provided in the text message users are directed to a page that looks and functions exactly like a real online banking page. When logging in the first time the page simply reloads, and then does nothing. This is where the scammers gain access to critical information, in this case all of your online banking information and more. When logging in a second time users are actually logged into their online banking. This makes it difficult to tell you have just been scammed.

After speaking with multiple BMO representatives, they confirmed that this is 100% a phishing scam. If this has happened to you we recommend contacting your financial institution immediately to report the incident, and have your information changed.

It’s important to stay vigilant for these types of scams and note that BMO will NEVER text or email you to update personal information. Also stay on the lookout for similar messages from different numbers, as they are scams as well.

Phishing scams like these have been greatly increasing lately and this case shows just how far thieves are willing to go to get your information.

EverydayElectronics recommends taking extra precautions when opening texts or emails asking you to submit information. In our opinion, you should never text or email personal or financial information, even if you are close with whoever is receiving it.

Looking for additional information? Find out more on phishing scams aswell as how to protect yourself here. To ensure you are completely safe online, find out how to surf private and anonymous here.

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