Official October 2017 Games With Gold Lineup!

Looking for the official Games with Gold lineup for October 2017? Earlier this week there was alot of buzz surrounding an image that leaked online claiming to be October’s Games with Gold games.

As we previously mentioned, leaks are not always accurate and it has been confirmed that the image, and games it listed was fake.

Microsoft has just released the official list for this upcoming month and it features over $65 in free games. Have a look at the newly released teaser by Microsoft and find a complete list down below.

Games With Gold: October 2017

  • Gone Home: Console Edition – Available from October 1st – October 31st on Xbox One.
  • The Turing Test – Available from October 16th – November 15th on Xbox One.
  • Rayman 3 HD – Available from October 1st – October 15th on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne – Available from October 16th – October 31st on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Are you excited for this months free titles? Is there something in particular you would like to see come to Games With Gold in the future? Comment down below and let us know. We love to read your comments!

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