New Phishing Scam Targeting Netflix Subscribers!

Did you know there is a new phishing scam that is currently targeting Netflix subscribers around the world? If you have received an email from Netflix saying that your account has been disabled, please disregard the email and note that this is a scam.

EverydayElectronics can confirm multiple users have reported the scam starts with receiving an email that says your Netflix account has been disabled, and requests you update your payment information.

“We’re having some trouble with your current billing information”, the email reads. “We’ll try again, but in the meantime you may want to update your payment details.”

Upon clicking the link provided in the email users are directed to a “Login Page” where they are asked to enter sensitive account information.

When logging in the first time the page simply reloads, and then does nothing. This is where the scammers gain access to critical account information. When logging in a second time users are actually forwarded to Netflix, which makes it difficult to tell they have just been scammed.

Have you received an email like this? Do not click the link and report the email to Netflix immediately here

If you have unfortunately fallen victim to the scam already, Netflix recommends immediately changing your account password, and informing your bank that your account may have been compromised. 

Phishing scams like these have been greatly increasing lately and this case shows just how far thieves are willing to go to get your information. EverydayElectronics recommends taking extra precautions when opening texts or emails asking you to submit information. In our opinion, you should never text or email personal or financial information, even if you are close with whoever is receiving it.

Looking for additional information? Find out more on phishing scams as well as how to protect yourself here. To ensure you remain completely safe online, find out how to surf private and anonymous here.

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