How To Record Your Screen On iOS 11!

Trying to screen record on your iphone or ipad but aren’t entirely sure how? Apple has just added a useful new feature to the Control Center in iOS 11 that allows you to record what you are doing on screen.

Say goodbye to third party apps and capture everything from gameplay, tutorials, and more with ease. If you do not see the record button in your Control Center panel, or if you are having difficulty finding the new feature, that is because it is hidden by default.

To help you set up screen recording on your device EverydayElectronics has put together an easy-to-follow tutorial that includes video directions down below.

How To Screen Record On Your iPhone or iPad (iOS 11)

#1) Open the Settings app and choose Control Center.

#2) Select “Customize Controls.”

#3) Tap the plus button next to “Screen Recording”. This will add it to the “Include” section and the screen record button will now appear in your Control Center panel.

#4) Bring up the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your device. You will notice there is now a record button.

#5) Tap the button and your iPhone or iPad will automatically start recording the screen following a three second countdown.

While screen recording is turned on, a red bar will appear across the top of your screen. This is to let you know when you are recording and when you are not. 

To stop your recording simply open the Control Center again, tap the screen recording icon, and confirm that you want to end the recording.

All videos you record using this feature will be saved in the Photos app.

We hope this solves any questions you have surrounding how to record your screen on iOS 11. Looking for more from EverydayElectronics? Visit our tutorials section, Netflix in the news page, or find our latest articles here.

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