Facebook Messenger Video Scam Spreading Quickly!

Have you recently received an odd message from one of your Facebook friend’s that has what appears to be a video with your profile picture in it?

EverydayElectronics wants to warn our users of another scam that is currently spreading quickly across Facebook, this time through the services popular Messenger app.

This week many Facebook users have reported that they are receiving messages from people on their friends list, with a random video link attached.

Have you received the Facebook message pictured above, or something similar to it? We can confirm that this is a scam.

The video link in the message has the receivers profile picture and a large number of views, which causes most people to interact with it. When pressing play on the video users are directed to a false YouTube page where they are prompted to download a file to view the video, but nothing appears.

Although it appears as though nothing has changed, you have really just downloaded a virus that in turn spams your friends list with the same link you were just infected by.

If you have received one of these messages and are unsure what to do, simply disregard it and inform the friend who appeared to send the video that their account has been compromised. Its important that you DO NOT click the video.

If you have unfortunately fallen victim to the scam already, it is important that you secure your account as soon as possible by following the steps listed below.

#1) Scan your account for malicious activity using Facebook’s Account Security Tool. This will prompt you to change your password, log you out of all devices, and more. Find the tool by going to Account Settings.

#2) Click or tap Security and Login.

#3) Scroll to the bottom and under the Get Help section you will see an option that says “if you think your account was hacked”. Click or tap that to open the tool.

* If you are doing this on mobile you must go to Facebook.com in your browser as the same options WILL NOT appear on the app.

#4) Select the first option and click continue.

#5) Tap get started to run the tool and secure your account.

#6) After you are complete we recommend you scan your device using any anti-virus or malware programs you have.

It’s important to stay vigilant for these types of scams and note that they have been greatly increasing lately. EverydayElectronics is closely monitoring the situation and will release any updates as they become available.

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