iPhone 8 Plus Batteries Swelling Similar To Galaxy Note 7?

This past week multiple users have been reporting that the batteries in their iPhone 8 Pluses have been swelling enough to cause the front facing display to push apart from the device.

Over the last two weeks there has been 6 official reports of the battery in either newly shipped, or charging devices, swelling enough to split the iPhone 8 plus apart.

Incidents have been reported in Japan, Taiwan, Greece, Canada and China, but at the current moment there haven’t been any fires or injuries reported.

Samsung recalled their Galaxy Note 7 last year after several incidents of the phone’s battery catching fire, which has prompted a swift response from Apple. Although they did not say much, an official Apple spokesperson released a short statement saying they’re aware of the reports and are looking into it.

It’s unclear whether this iPhone 8 Plus issue will continue to grow into an issue similar to the Note 7 recall. At the time of the recall, over 100 cases were eventually reported to Samsung which caused them to pull their product.

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