Best Working Kodi Addons – October 2017!

Wondering what the best working Kodi addons are as of October 2017? This month another handful of unofficial Kodi addons have either shutdown, or silently disappeared.

With so many popular Kodi addons shutting down or relaunching under new names lately, it has created a somewhat volatile landscape that has made it difficult to keep track of who the best working Kodi addons are. After spending a few minutes setting up each addon, it can be frustrating when you get to the last step just to find out it doesn’t work.

Below you can find a list of the best working Kodi addons for PC, Mac, Android, Amazon FireStick, and Raspberry Pi, for October 2017.

Best Working Kodi Addons (October 2017)

Unofficial Kodi addons have been getting a ton of attention lately. While it may be convenient to have such a wide range of content at your fingertips, a major downside is that your private information is at risk.

Copyright holders in Canada, UK, USA, and around the world have been using this information to send threatening copyright infringement notices, and in some cases lawsuits, against Kodi users who infringe on their property.

To avoid any unwanted notices while using Kodi and ensure you remain completely safe online, we highly recommend using a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic and hide your IP address.

Best Kodi VPNs Of 2017

  • IPVanish [su_label type=”info”]Recommended Kodi VPN[/su_label]
    • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee.
    • Apps Optimized for Kodi.
    • Access the World’s Fastest VPN.
    • Industry Leading Security & Encryption.
    • Fast & Friendly Support 24/7.
  • ExpressVPN30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Access American Netflix.
  • StrongVPN20 Years Digital Security Experience, 5 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • VyprVPN3 Day Free Trial, Exclusive Chameleon Technology.
  • NordVPN30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Double VPN.

We hope this solves any questions you have surrounding the best Kodi addons to use as of October 2017. Looking for more from EverydayElectronics? Visit our tutorials section, Netflix in the news page, or find our latest articles here.

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