The Turing Test Games With Gold Review!

Hey Guys, Vortex5674 here! I’ve decided to partner up with Everyday Electronics to bring you a monthly review on an Xbox Games with Gold game!

This month I chose to review the game called “The Turing Test”! This is a first person puzzle game where you must complete tasks and puzzles to progress through the map and find and save scientists lost in the space station on Jupiter’s moon Europa. You have no prior knowledge of the space station but you are aided by the station’s integrated computer system named T.O.M. As you progress through the map, the plot is unveiled both by conversations with T.O.M and items and recordings you find along the way.

This game is a good mix of difficulty and I found myself stuck for several minutes on more than one occasion. I do however wish that there were optional hints in case someone gets stuck and would prefer help to complete a certain level.

There are several plot twists and curveballs to keep you on your toes as well as a few learning opportunities along the way! Overall this was a very enjoyable game and I would recommend it to anyone!

To see the gameplay and review have a look at the YouTube video below!

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