Colossus Repo, Bennu, And Other Kodi Addons Shut Down!

The popular Kodi repository Colossus unexpectedly shutdown yesterday, taking with it addons like Bennu, Covenant, Death Streams, URLResolver and many more.

News emerged late last night that two addon developers, both who distribute their addons through the well-known Colossus repository, have been ordered to cease and desist their activities. After receiving the orders both decided to indeed shut down, taking with them many well known names and tools in the Kodi community.

jsergio123, developer behind a number of Kodi addons and tools in the Colossus Repo, confirmed the news with a message posted on his Twitter.

“Sorry to say but I am stopping all development of the urlresolver, metahandler, and my other addons. I am not responsible for covenant and bennu but colossus has agreed to delete the repo too,” the tweet read.

The second UK-based Kodi addon developer, The_Alpha, is believed to be involved in the popular Colossus repository itself, as well as behind the popular Kodi addon Bennu.

After receiving strong pressure through a hand delivered letter by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, The Alpha also decided to cease all development and shutdown.

The disappearance of these developers and their repos/addons are the latest in a string of Kodi repositories and addons to fall over the past year.

EverydayElectronics will keep you updated on the situation if any new details unfold. It’s IMPORTANT to note: we always recommend using a high tier VPN service such as IPVanish to ensure you are completely anonymous while streaming on Kodi.

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