Ares Wizard And Kodi Repository Shuts Down!

The popular Ares Wizard and Kodi Repository unexpectedly shut down yesterday, continuing to make this week difficult for those involved in the Kodi addon scene.

After receiving a notice similar to Colossus earlier this week, third party Kodi addon developers known as The Ares Project, have decided to pull the plug on the Ares Wizard and Kodi Repository.

Ares Project leader Tekto confirmed the news and reason for the shutdown a short while ago in an interview with Torrentfreak.

“[This week] I was subject to a hand-delivered notice to cease-and-desist from MPA & ACE. Given the notice, we obviously shut down the repo and wizard as requested,” Tekto informed TF.

According to Tekto he received strong pressure through a hand delivered letter by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, to cease all development and shutdown. After receiving the order The Ares Project decided to indeed shut down, taking with them many more well known names and tools in the Kodi community.

If you are unfamiliar with ACE, they are a newly formed alliance that makes up the world’s most powerful anti-piracy coalition, backed by companies like Columbia, Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Warner, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Sky TV, Bell, and many more.

Although Ares and Tekto still didn’t believe they were doing anything illegal, due to the pressure and influence of the companies behind ACE, they decided to throw in the towel.

“There was never any question we would close our doors if what we were doing crossed any boundaries of legality. So with the notice served on us, we are closing our doors and removing all our websites and applications. It’s a sad day in many ways, but nobody wants to be facing court or a potential custodial sentence, for what is essentially a hobby,” Tekto noted.

The disappearance of these developers and their repos/addons are the latest in a string of third party Kodi repositories and addons to fall over the past year.

EverydayElectronics is currently monitoring the situation will keep you updated if any new details unfold. It’s IMPORTANT to note: we always recommend using a high tier VPN service such as IPVanish to ensure you are completely anonymous while streaming on Kodi.

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