What Is Net Neutrality? Should We Even Care?

Are you unsure what Net Neutrality is or why you should care?

Dictionary.com defines “Net Neutrality” as, “the concept that broadband Internet service providers should provide nondiscriminatory access to internet content, platforms, etc, and should not manipulate the transfer of data regardless of its source or destination”.

What does this mean?

No matter the content everything on the internet will be treated equally and without preference from one entity or another.

Sounds fair, right? What could happen if Net Neutrality is taken away?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could slow down or block access to any content that they feel is unworthy, for any reason.

Sound like Censorship to you?

Without Net Neutrality we could be giving ISPs the power to control everything that goes through their service. Want to get on Twitter? Nope, not without paying extra fees. Want to quickly check Facebook to see what your friends are doing tonight? Nope, your ISP finds Facebook offensive so they have blocked access to their site.
Why is Google so slow today? Sorry, Google didn’t pay the fee to be in the Internet “Fast Lane” thus the speeds for that website are slow.

Is this what would happen without Net Neutrality?

Nobody knows for certain but there need to be safeguards in place to prevent this from happening. I am certainly not an expert on Net Neutrality. I simply urge this, do some research! Don’t just stand around and let a major decision such as this slide by without you knowing and having an opinion!

In truth, the rules and regulations on both sides are much more complex than what I just laid out here but make sure you stay aware and vigilant!

What can you do?

The vote to keep or repeal Net Neutrality will be conducted on Dec. 14th so the time is now to get educated and let your voice be heard!

Here is a link where you can find much more information on this topic! After you have done your research, I urge you to sign the petition, call your representatives and spread the word as well!

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