Surprising Victor at CWL Dallas!

Wondering who came out on top at CWL Dallas? Optic Gaming might have been seen as the number one team in CODWWII before CWL Dallas but they are definitely beatable. This fact was proven on a few occasions while playing in the first major LAN event of the season.

Here is how some of your favorite teams placed when matching up offline!

20th – 17th Place:

Lightning Pandas
Evil Geniuses
Team Vitality

16th – 13th Place:

UNILAD Esports
Next Threat
Epsilon Esports
Rise Nation

12th – 9th Place:

Red Reserve
Ground Zero
Enigma 6

8th – 7th Place:

Team EnVyUs

6th – 5th Place:

Echo Fox

4th: Faze

Faze Clan was a team that I was disappointed with leading up to CWL Dallas just for the sole fact that they had not made it into pool play. This means that they would have to battle and play through the Open Brackets to even qualify to play on Championship Sunday. As this placing shows, they dominated their Open bracket and ended up with the 5th spot in Pool D. Faze fought through: Unilad, Red Reserve, Team EnVyUs, and eUnited to earn their Fourth place spot. They finally lost after taking Splyce to a close map 5 in the Losers Semi-Finals! It was an overall impressive showing from Faze Clan and should be a good year for them moving forward!

Prizes: $16,000 and 9,000 Pro Points.

3rd: Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming was the clear favorite going into the weekend, especially after winning three of the four 2K tournaments that were played prior to this event. Most people expected them to sweep through the competition as they had with the 2K’s and take the competition by force. This was exactly what it looked like for the first few matches but eventually the momentum was lost and they didn’t look nearly as impressive as the day ended on Championship Sunday (actually Monday morning). Only time will tell whether they are able to walk away with the next LAN Event but I have a feeling this certainly isn’t the last we will hear of this talented squad.

Prizes: $32,000 and 11,000 Pro Points.

2nd: Splyce

This team is known as the best European team and they certainly didn’t disappoint at CWL Dallas! They met Optic Gaming in the winner’s bracket semi-finals and had them on the ropes until some late game heroics by Optic ultimately caused them to take their first loss.

After this brutal loss they faced off with Faze Clan in the Losers Bracket Semi-Final and pulled out a tough map 5 victory to propel them to a grudge match with none other than the team that sent them to the loser’s bracket in the first place… Optic Gaming! This time they were out for revenge and up to the challenge as they completely destroyed Optic Gaming to make the leap back up into the Grand Finals to fight for the number one spot!

Prizes: $48,000 and 15,000 Pro Points.

1st: Team Kaliber

Team Kaliber is one of those teams that has hung around the past couple years but they haven’t really been talked about much since they made noise during the last true boots on the ground title COD Ghosts. Just as in Ghosts, this team is making waves again in this Boots on the Ground COD title and you can’t really count them out from here on this season.

They met Optic Gaming head on in the Winners bracket finals and sent them down into the loser’s bracket with a humiliating 3-0 loss.

Since Optic Gaming lost to Splyce in the Losers Final, Team Kaliber would go on to face Splyce in the Grand Finals to see who would be crowned the champion of CWL Dallas. Since it is a two loss elimination tournament Splyce would have to win two sets of “Best of 5” matches where Team Kaliber would only need to win one.

It only took one set of maps to crown the winner as Team Kaliber finished strong in the final Search and Destroy to win the tournament with a map count of 3-2!

Prizes: $80,000 and 25,000 Pro Points.

Which teams stood out to you? Were you surprised at which team was crowned champion? Follow and Subscribe to my social media channels and let me know what you thought of the event last weekend!

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