Best Kodi VPNs (2018)

What are the best Kodi VPNs of 2018? With such a high number of hacks, phishing scams, and attacks taking place online it really could not be a better time for you to stay protected.

Whether you are streaming on Kodi, browsing the web, or doing something as little as checking emails, you never know who is eavesdropping on you and for what reason.

Unofficial Kodi addons have been getting a ton of attention over the last year causing many repos and addons to either shutdown or constantly switch names.

While it may be convenient to access a wide range of content so easily, a major downside is that your private information, viewing habits, location, device information, and much more is at risk.

More and more often lately copyright holders in Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and around the world have been using this information to send threatening copyright infringement notices, lawsuits, and in some cases jail time against users who infringe on their property.

To avoid any unwanted notices while using Kodi and ensure you remain completely safe online, we recommend using a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic and hide your IP address.

Best Kodi VPNs Of 2018

  • ExpressVPN [su_label type=”info”]Recommended Kodi VPN [/su_label]
    • Apps Optimized for Kodi and Android Devices.
    • No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
    • Access American, Canadian, UK Netflix and More.
    • Industry Leading Security and Encryption.
    • 24/7 Support Through Live Chat.
    • 3 Months Free When Signing Up For Annual Subscription Through EverydayElectronics!
  • NordVPNBest VPN Deals, Advanced Security, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • VyprVPN3 Day Free Trial, Exclusive Chameleon Technology.
  • StrongVPN20 Years Digital Security Experience, New and Improved Server Network.
  • IPVanishUser-friendly Apps For All of Your Devices, 7 Day Money Back Guarantee.

We hope this solves any questions you have surrounding the best VPNs to use with Kodi in 2018. Leave the dangers and negatives of an unprotected internet in the past and start using a VPN today.

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