Google Removes Kodi From Autocomplete Feature

Lead executives from the XBMC Foundation, the operators behind Team Kodi, are expressing disappointment today after finding out they’re the latest subject of Google’s autocomplete piracy filter.

Users will now notice when searching Google that the term “Kodi” has been removed from the massively popular autocomplete feature of its search engine. 

Team Kodi is disappointed with the decision and was quick to point out that their software does not break any laws or infringe on anyones property.

When speaking with TorrentFreak, XBMC Foundation President Nathan Betzen released the following statements on the situation.

“We are surprised and disappointed to discover Kodi has been removed from autocomplete, as Kodi is perfectly legal open source software.”

“We have a professional relationship with the MPAA, who have specifically made clear in the past their own position that Kodi is legal software,” Betzen added.

“We hope Google will reconsider this decision in the future, or at a minimum limit their removal to search terms where the legality is actually in dispute.”

While Google has yet to officially comment on the situation, they have taken similar measures in the past to prevent terms closely associated with piracy from appearing in their Autocomplete feature.

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