Watch-Series Updated New Domain!

Many users continued to suffer frequent outages and short periods of downtime when accessing Watch-Series yesterday and throughout the past few weeks.

As usual the sites operator’s have yet to release a statement about why this is going on, but the team at Watch-Series has updated their domain again, this time to

It is well known that sites like Watch-Series face a great amount of pressure from authorities, media giants, and copyright holders to shut down. Although it has not been confirmed, the switch is most likely another precautionary measure to try and keep things running “smooth”.

EverydayElectronics is closely monitoring the situation and will release any updates as they become available.

Find an update to this article and regulary updated information here:

It’s important to note: We always recommend using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN, to make sure your sensitive information remains completely anonymous while streaming online.

Are you safe and protected while streaming on Watch-Series?

Essentially every single click you make online, especially while using streaming sources like Watch-Series, is most likely being watched or logged by your internet provider, copyright companies, government servers, hackers, large media companies, DMCA scammers and much more. This leaves you in danger when streaming without the proper protection.

Over the years top streaming sites like Watch-Series have been targeted for providing access to unauthorized copyrighted content and many others have shutdown to avoid prosecution or been taken offline.

This has often lead to users who use a public IP address on these websites being targeted in a variety of different ways. Most times through cease and desist letters, take down notices, legit fines, fake fines from scammers, and or warnings from their internet provider.

How can you stay safe and remain anonymous when using streaming sites

The only way to ensure you’re completely protected if streaming on sites like Watch-Series is by using a VPN or Virtual Private Network to mask all of your sensitive data. A top tier VPN encrypts your sensitive online data without saving, tracking, or pinpointing any of the information back to you. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of streaming and downloading torrents, while avoiding the negatives of government and ISP surveillance, website blocks and more.

Its also important to note that when a large streaming site suddenly disappears opportunists try and quickly fill in the gaps with look-a-like clone websites. These sites often look identical to the original but feature a fraction of the content, malicious ads, malware, phishing scams, credit card scams, and more.

If you use streaming sites such as Watch-Series it is important to stay safe by watching out for these types of websites. We always recommend using a tested premium tier VPN such as ExpressVPN.

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