How To Install Surfshark VPN on Any Android Device

Want to know how to install Surfshark VPN on any Android device? Surfshark is one of the newer, quickly growing VPNs on the market that aims to provide users with a number of benefits that other services do not offer.

If you have yet to hear of Surfshark their VPN and browser extension ensures all of your sensitive information, online traffic, and more remains completely private while using the internet.

What is also unique is unlike most VPNs, the service offers benefits such as protection for an unlimited amount of devices, fast and easy-to-use apps, A 30 day money back guarantee, low prices, diamond strong protection, and much more!

How To Install Surfshark (Android Devices)

#1) If you haven’t already done so, Sign up for Surfshark.

#2) Find and open Google Play on your Android box, mobile phone, tablet, or any other device running an Android operating system.


#3) Search for Surfshark.


#4) Install the app.


#5) Open the app, click log in, and then enter the email and password you used when signing up. If you can’t find your login credentials, simply check the emails of the account you used when signing up.


#6) Click Connect to use the fastest server available in your location. To change your server or location, select Optimal Location, select any other server, and click connect.



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