Blamo Repo Shuts Down

What happened to the Blamo Repo? As of today users trying to install Blamo may have noticed that the repo is non responsive or is returning an Internal Server Error, leaving popular addons such as Placenta, and Neptune Rising, inaccessible.

While repositories often face periods of down time, EverydayElectronics can confirm that this time Blamo Repo has officially shut down and will not be returning.

Although the exact reason has yet to be confirmed, lead developer of the repo Mr.Blamo has confirmed the news with the following message on Twitter.

“Repo And Github Gone any Githubs saying blamo wont be me… as a Developer i’m done for good.”


Shortly after this tweet went live the official repo link started displaying an Internal Server Error and has gone offline.

EverydayElectronics is closely monitoring the situation and will release any additional updates as they become available.

Update: Shortly after publishing Blamo’s Twitter has been deactivated as well.

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We hope this solves any questions you have surrounding the current issues with the Blamo Repo. Looking for more from EverydayElectronics? Visit our tutorials section or find our latest articles here.

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