Get Canadian Netflix 2018

How to get Canadian Netflix in 2018? Now that Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming platforms around the world, many people rely on the service for entertainment in their daily lives.

An important thing to note when using Netflix is that your location determines what and how much content appears in your content library. With that being said, most users opt to watch movies and TV shows from within one of the top 5 Netflix regions pictured below.


While a lot of people visit our site looking for ways to access American Netflix, they’re unaware that Canada is next in line when it comes to content, and just as easy to get.

To watch Netflix Canada anywhere around the world follow our simple EverydayElectronics tutorial below and you will be running in minutes.

How To Watch Canadian Netflix Worldwide

#1) Download and install one of the following premium VPN services that we test daily with Netflix. All VPNs on our list feature automatic setup software to have you running in a few easy steps.

  • ExpressVPN [su_label type=”important”]Recommended Provider [/su_label]
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  • StrongVPN30 Day Money Back Guarantee, 20 Years Digital Security Experience, Military Grade Encryption.
  • VyprVPN3 Day Free Trial, Exclusive Chameleon Technology.
  • Surfshark VPNUltra-Fast Setup and Streaming, Set Up On Unlimited Devices.

#2) Once installed open the VPN client.

#3) Connect to any server from Canada and visit

#4) Sign in and enjoy access to more content on Netflix!

After connecting you will notice a wide range of Movies and TV shows not usually available in your region. Simply choose a title and you’re successfully streaming Canadian Netflix.

It’s important to note all services mentioned in step #1 work to access American Netflix and other countries as well.

We hope this solves any questions you have surrounding how to watch Canadian Netflix worldwide in 2018. Looking for more from EverydayElectronics? Visit our tutorials section, or find our latest articles here.

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