Best VPNs Of 2018!

What are the best VPNs of 2018? With an increasing amount of services being based online it’s more important then ever to make sure your data is protected. Unfortunately this past year the online world has become plagued by tracking, spying, hacking, government restrictions, and much more.

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Top VPNs of August 2017!

Wondering what the top VPN of August 2017 is? With so many mediocre services popping up left and right, it is important to know who the top VPNs are to allow you to get the most for your money. It’s also a major benefit to know which VPNs provide you with the most features and industry leading online protection.

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Best VPNs To Use In Canada!

Do you live in Canada and are looking for reliable VPNs to stay protected online? Have you recently received a notice from your Canadian ISP stating that you have downloaded copyrighted content?

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Top VPNs of June 2017!

Having difficulty choosing a VPN with so many out there? To help users get the most out of their VPN as well as to ensure you choose a top provider, EverydayElectronics has tested a wide range of services and put together a list of the top VPNs of June 2017.

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Best VPNs To Use In Australia!

Have you been facing monitoring or website blocks from your Australian internet provider? Do you live in Australia and believe it’s your right to access an internet without borders and restrictions?

At the beginning of 2017 more than fifty Aussie ISPs were required to start preventing subscriber access to a long list of pirate sites. Since this has happened, many are looking for alternative ways to access their favorite torrent sites, and for ways to stay protected online.

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Top VPNs For Downloading Torrents!

With the recent shutdown of ExtraTorrent, BitSnoop, and many other long running names in the torrenting community, we thought it would be a great time to cover the top VPNs for downloading torrents.

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Best VPNs To Use In United Kingdom!

Do you live in the U.K. and believe it’s your right to access an internet without borders and restrictions? Have you been facing ISP monitoring or website blocks? With the recent WannaCry malware attacks circulating the globe, and other large scale security breaches in the news, EverydayElectronics recommends using a VPN to stay protected and to access a fully unrestricted internet.

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Top VPNs Of May 2017!

Thinking of using a VPN but aren’t entirely sure where to start or who to choose from? With hundreds of VPN providers out there it make’s it difficult to find exactly who is the best VPN, with the most features.

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How To Block American ISPs From Tracking You!


Are you trying to surf the internet privately without suffering from things like ISP tracking and government website blocks? Now more then ever it’s important to ensure all of your information and internet traffic remains completely private online.

With Trump sealing the deal to allow American ISPs to legally collect and sell your browsing history and other information to third parties, it’s crucial you re-evaluate what you are doing to stay safe on the internet.

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How To Stay Private Online?


With news out about the Trump administration’s decision to repeal the internet privacy law put into place by Obama last year, it’s critical to know how this effects you and how much of your information is now available to your internet service provider.

If you currently live in the United States, your Internet service provider can now legally collect and sell your private data, including everything down to your browsing history, without your approval.

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