What Happened To Putlocker?

It has now been well over a few months since we last reported on the official Putlocker and the wide range of difficulties the site was facing.

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Putlocker Switches Domains Again!

The team who currently controls the official Putlocker website has updated their domain once again, this time to Putlocker.co.

It’s now been well over two weeks since popular streaming site Putlocker stopped adding new content to the site and started redirecting users to scam videos that are phishing for your private information.

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Is Putlocker9 The Real Putlocker?


Now that Putlocker has been serving malicious content for nearly two weeks, many copy cat site’s have been popping up to take advantage of the situation.

A few days back familar clone site Putlocker9 resurfaced, once again claiming that they are the real Putlocker, which is far from the truth.

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What Is Going On With Putlocker?


Popular online streaming destination Putlocker has been going through a wide range of troubles this passed week, leaving many daily visitors wondering exactly what is going on.

Although the site is still accessible, starting last week Putlocker stopped adding new videos to the site.

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