KickassTorrents Domain Goes Up For Sale!

One of KickassTorrent’s official domains that still gets over half a million visitors per month, was recently put up for sale, leaving many long time fans of the site wondering what is going on.

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Top Torrent Sites Of May 2017!

Over the passed year various governments, rights holders, and piracy advocates from all around the world have been putting a great amount of pressure on torrent, streaming, and hosting websites. This has resulted in many services getting forced offline by authorities, or voluntarily shutting down to avoid prosecution.

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Top Torrent Sites Of April 2017!


As we’ve mentioned many times this past year, its been one for the books when it comes to torrent, streaming, and hosting websites disappearing off the scene.

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More Site Blocks Coming To Australia!


After working so hard to have site-blocking legislation passed in Australia, many predicted it was only a matter of time before rightsholders returned to have more sites blocked.

Today confirmed exactly that when movie company Village Roadshow, initiated new legal action against over 40 domains.

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